RPM Stage 2 to Stage 3 Upgrade Kit

Already an RPM Stage 2 Owner? Want to get the most from your Solstice GXP or SKY Redline? Our Stage 3 Upgrade Kit is the only way to go, it combines the correct components to allow you to go from Stage 2 to Stage 3 and in the RPM tradition saving you money along the way.

Upgrading from Stage 2 to Stage 3 will give you better peak HP & TQ but the real benefit is the “Above the Curve” Gains.. The Stock K04 makes it’s peak HP at around 3800RPM’s but it almost immediately starts to fall off loosing HP/TQ until you hit your redline… Our Stage 3 Package will allow you to make more Peak HP/TQ and hold it all the way to 6000RPM’s!

This Kit includes:

Additional Upgrades :

(These allow better fueling resolution at higher engine load, but are not required)

(By owning your own Interface you will receive quicker tuning as you do not need to wait for
The V-Tuner Service and will also allow you to receive Long Term Support)