Solstice / SKY 2.0T Upgraded Charge Pipes

100% Drop in design

Install can be done in 1hr with basic tools

Mandrel bent mild steel for smooth curves and superior airflow.

Precision C&C sensor block for OEM style fitment, built to a tolerance of 1/1000″ .

Increase’s airflow over 3800rpms due to the flat spots in the factory pipes.

GM color code paint matching (Custom colors available)

Required for all Stage 2 tunes and above.

Recommend: combine with a tune for maximum HP/TQ Gains.

Makes a great addition to our Cold Air Intake kit.

Our Charge Pipes are designed to work with your existing OE intercooler couplers, over time these “rubber” couplers can become brittle or cracked. We offer an optional install pack that will include 2x upgraded 4ply reinforced silicone couplers and 4x new Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps…

If you are considering this item along with a Stage 2 ECM tune please see our Stage Packages and save $$$ bundling items together!


Solstice GXP / Sky Redline Upgraded Charge Pipes

These Upgraded Charge Pipes are a MUST HAVE performance part for anybody with a 2.0L Turbo LNF Pontiac Solstice or Saturn Sky. The factory charge pipes have a major design flaw, and are bent nearly in half right above the radiator support. If you have not already replaced your charge pipes, go look under your hood and you will see that the OEM parts appear like they were bent in half over a cinder block wall by a gorilla. This was done to provide more than adequate clearance of the charge pipes over that support brace, but you can see that General Motors was being overly cautious. The RPM-Motorsports Upgraded Charge Pipes replace those ugly factory units with more efficient and more appealing parts made right here in the USA.

The factory charge pipes begin to restrict airflow around 5,500 rpms and the factory tune, as well as the GM Turbocharger Upgrade Kit (also known as GM Stage 1 Tune) take the flawed factory charge pipes into account. Both of those tunes are designed to taper off the desired amount of airflow above 5,500 rpms in order to work around the flawed design. Over the years many people have attributed the boost tapering at higher rpms to be a characteristic of the K04 turbocharger, but truth be told that the factory turbocharger is capable of much more power than many owners would believe.

If you would like the most benefit from installing these charge pipes you can pair these up with either our Stage 1 or Stage 2 performance tunes for significantly more power.

These Upgraded Charge Pipes will also work with the factory tune and the GM Stage 1 tune without throwing codes or hindering performance if you are looking to upgrade the pipes just for the sake of appearances too.