“Big Shot” Dual Cone Filter Cold Air Intake

RPM-Motorsports is proud to offer the “Big Shot” Dual Filter Cold Air Intake for your Solstice or Sky!

This project was really driven by the community! We received enough emails and social media requests for a Dual Center Mount Cold Air Intake Kit that we just had to develop one!

The kit is hand made like all of our products here at RPM right here in the USA, and is manufactured from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. Includes (2) K&N style washable filters, precision milled MAF block, Silicone adapter, and T-Bolt Clamps.

Available in all standard GM Colors and custom upon request.

Note: This item is available for the 2.0 Turbo and 2.4L Base Model.


This CAI was originally designed for the RPM Stage 4 Turbo system where a single filter design was proving to be a bottleneck when the turbo was pulling over 42lbs per min of airflow.. Smaller inadequate filters on turbo systems can greatly reduce the lifespan of your turbocharger.

For Example: Think of your vacuum cleaner running, the air pump in your vacuum cleaner is much like a turbocharger, moving and compressing air from one location to another.. under normal un-obstructed operation the turbine wheel has an efficiency range. Now if you block the inlet on the vacuum you will begin to her the “pitch” change on the turbine wheel. This is because there is less “Air” being drawn into the turbine and it now has less air resistance causing it to “over-speed” and this can burn out the bearings. The same is true on your turbo system, if you have an air filter that is sized to small or is dirty it can cause the center shaft to over-speed and wear the thrust bearings much quicker hence shortening the life of the turbo itself.