Aftermarket Performance Parts & Tuning for Chevy Vehicles

Chevyrolet Ecotec Aftermarket Performance Parts and ECU Tuning

RPM-Motorsports started as a specialized Chevy tuning shop more than 11 years ago. Since then, we have been working extensively on the ECOTEC engine platform across many of the most popular GM cars and trucks on the market today. You can call on us to improve a multitude of Chevy vehicles or shop from our selection of aftermarket parts for the Silverado, Cobalt, HHR and several other models. When it comes to ECU tuning, we tune just about everything from Cavaliers to Suburbans, as well as offer the professional cables and tuner files you need to DIY. Our passion for Turbocharged ECOTEC systems. such as the LNF, LHU, LTG, LE2 and many others are our passion. That is why we have built our inventory to include turbo conversion kits, performance parts, and tuning files that will make the most of your turbocharged engine.

Over the course of the past several years, we have been among the first-to-market with new tunes and performance parts for new Chevy vehicles and continue to scale our operation. Just because we’re quick to market however doesn’t mean that any of our parts haven’t been thoroughly tested and proven to provide the most durability and the highest-level of performance possible. Being that we started off as a tune shop for Chevy’s, we know just what these model vehicles need to run at their peak performance level. Catch everyone of guard the next time you hit the track with your newly upgraded Chevy after receiving any one of our aftermarket parts, tuning suites, or performance packages. Contact our shop if you have any questions or would like to speak to us about any custom fabrication.