Pontiac Parts and Tuning Shop


RPM-Motorsports has continued to be a pioneer in Pontiac Solstice and Pontiac G5/Pursuit performance. We manufacture our own parts right here in the USA at our shop in Mesa, AZ; and ship anywhere in the US and Canada. We provide custom parts and multi-staged tuning options for the 2.2L, 2.4L, and 2.0L Ecotec engines found in these cars and have been doing so for more than 10 years. When it comes to Pontiac Solstice performance parts and tuning specs, nobody knows more about what it takes to unleash the most power and torque these cars are capable of. Your top speeds and acceleration will see significant improvements immediately. If you’ve been taking your Solstice GXP to the local tracks already, you’ll be sure to catch everyone off guard with your speed and log your best times yet!

We’re not slouches when it comes to Pontiac G5 Pursuit upgrades either. RPM-Motorsports has been modifying G5s since their introduction and have a complete understanding of what makes these vehicles tick. You’ll love the economic design of this car and be thrilled by its unexpectedly powerful performance after receiving any of our aftermarket mods.