Solstice / Sky Rack & Pinion GM Part 19320539

Discontinued Rack and Pinion assembly, this is a remanufactured item

Original price was: $689.00.Current price is: $299.00.

Housings are bead blasted, thoroughly washed, inspected, and dipped in rust inhibitor This minimizes corrosion and rust prior to reassembly, helping ensure long service life Multiple cleaning and washing stations, with regular contamination audits, for every component inside the rack and pinion minimize internal contamination and increase part service life All sealing surfaces are polished to tightly controlled micro finish specifications Seals and boots are replaced with 100% new premium-grade parts to help extend the life of the product Racks are checked for straightness, polished to meet strict micro finish specifications, and inspected with the Magnaflux process to ensure structural integrity