140lb LNF / LDK / LHU 2.0 DI Injectors

These are OEM GM Injectors rated at 140lbs per hour
• Set of 4 injectors
• Sourced directly from General Motors
• Ethanol safe
• Required to run E47 or E85
• Original Equipment on LDK, Upgrade for LNF/LHU
• 13% More Flow Rate than stock LNF/LHU Injectors


These are for the 4 injectors that will need to be transferred to your existing fuel rail. If you would like the injectors pressed into a new rail with sensor please click here

Note: ECM Tuning required for proper operation on LNF 2.0L Ecotec due to increased injector flow rate over stock injectors. Otherwise, they are a direct replacement for the LDK and LHU 2.0L Ecotec engines found in Opel, Buick, and other platforms.