Pontiac Solstice Street Comp Brake Kit (13547579 / 13550274)

Looking for an upgrade that makes a difference whether its your daily commute to and from or an a sunny weekend day carving the roads! The RPM Street Comp Brake Upgrade is for you!
Developed in partnership with our Kappa Track Teams this kit has gone through extensive track abuse to ensure the components are worthy of being listed in our catalog.

Not all rotors are created equally, in todays world of online shopping its far to easy to go to an online retailer that promises 2day delivery yet doesn’t provide you with the kind of testing and abuse that we have put these rotors and pads through! Many of the offered rotors today are cast overseas where they have zero concerns for the metals that are being forged and cast. We have partnered with a US Based company that tracks the rotors all the way through the process to ensure that they meet tolerances that are required to produce a rotor that will not warp / crack under extreme circumstances.

These Rotors cost more and for good reason, we have put them on cars that endure 20min sessions that are nothing short of hard acceleration followed by equally as hard deceleration.. We put these rotors and pads through the kind of abuse that most will never see but knowing that your brakes will be there when you need them is an important safety net that we all want to have!

We went through several types of pads, using different compounds that we learned through our track sessions that some pads are so soft they literally “Disintegrate” under the high heat that is produced and some are so hard that they do nothing more than heat and score the rotors.. the Ceramic composite pads we include in the kit are a perfect compound that gives maximum hold and longevity.

This kit can be used with your factory brake lines through in our testing both our track cars run the steel braided lines dues to extreme abuse. We do recommend replacing the brake lines as these cars are quickly approaching the 20year mark in age.

If you are looking for a more extreme braking solution see our 4 piston Brembo kit.

Original price was: $549.00.Current price is: $449.00.

Pontiac Solstice Street Comp Brake Kit (13547579 / 13550274)

Kit includes:
2 – each Drilled & Slotted Front Rotors
2 – each Drilled & Slotted Rear Rotors
Both Front and Rear Ceramic Composite Brake Pads with Hardware

Option to add Steel Braided Brake Lines