2017+ Camaro 2.0T Stage 1 ECM LTG Tune

Intended for stock vehicles with little or no bolt-on modifications required. Also works with modified vehicles for even more power. Safely add power to your engine, improve your automatic transmission shifting (if equipped), and enjoy substantially improved driving characteristics.

Stage 1 Tune: 300 horsepower & 330 torque
Stock Tune: 275 horsepower & 295 torque

  • Top Speed Limiter Removed
  • Driver Demanded Torque Increased for More Torque and HP
  • Timing Calibrated for Premium Grade Fuel. (91+ octane required)
  • Fuel Cutoff RPM Limit Raised
  • Max Boost level raised to 21 – 24 psi (Stock boost is 16 – 17.5 psi)
  • Optimized Air/Fuel Ratio for increased boost levels
  • Increased Fuel Rail Pressure at higher RPMs
  • Optimized Direct Fuel Injection Timing
  • Virtually no turbo lag – Immediate throttle response
  • Power Enrichment Delays Reduced
  • No substantial noise increase over stock tuning
  • Fan speeds increased to keep engine temperatures cooler
  • Emissions Compliant

(Due to current increases and tuning complexity for 2017 GM Vehicles, we require the higher price on the 2017 Camaro as well. We are simply passing our increased cost off to you with no further markup. We are sorry for the inconvenience.)


2017 Camaro 2.0T Stage 1 Performance Tune