HP Tuners MPVI3 Calibration & Diagnostic Tool

MPVI3 is the fastest and most powerful HP Tuners interface to date. Now with Bluetooth Connectivity paired to Android and Apple App’s you can now read, Write, and Log your car all through your App Based device…No more need for a Laptop!

Package the MPVI3 together with VCM Editor and VCM Scanner, which make up the essentials of VCM Suite, and you have one of the most powerful, scanning, diagnostic, logging and calibration products on the market. Not to mention full support for the latest rendition of Track Addict, whether you frequent the drag strip, circuit, autocross or off-road the MPVI3 has the fastest scanning, logging and data transmission rates to ensure you capture everything.

Universal Credits, Don’t forget to add credits used to license your car to your MPVI2. Most Vehicles require 2 or 4 credits, ADD Here

The RPM way… Our MPVI3 package includes live support to get your interface loaded correctly and in a way that any reputable tuner can use. If you have never used HP Tuners before it can be very overwhelming and many are lost before they truly get started. Our Support sets the bar and will ensure that your user experience match’s the capabilities of the interface and all it has to offer.

list of supported Vehicles and how many credits you require click here.