2016+ Camaro 2.0T Stage 2 Performance Pack

  • The 2016+ Camaro 2.0T Stage 2 Performance Pack includes the following parts from the RPM-Motorsports catalog:
    • 2016+ Camaro 2.0L Big Throttle Body Kit (Larger Throttle Body & Elbow)
    • 2016+ Camaro 2.0T Catless Downpipe (High-flow Cat also available)
    • 2016+ Camaro 2.0T Stage 2 ECM Tune (Currently only available as part of this Stage 2 Performance Pack)

    This powerful package includes easy-to-install bolt on parts made exclusively by RPM-Motorsports and developed in the USA. Charge Pipes can be painted in your factory color code to match your car, or be painted one of our standard color options. (Please leave color preference in Notes section at checkout).

    Performance Figures:

    Stage 2: Package:    320 horsepower & 350 torque
    Stock Tune:              275 horsepower & 295 torque


2016+ Camaro 2.0T Stage 2 Performance Pack

Our tunes are delivered via our proprietary and industry leading V-Tuner network.

What makes our V-tuning network different from other tuning companies:

  • Other companies require you to mail in your cars ECM, this causes downtime for you as your car can not be driven during this process.
  • Other companies use hand-held flash devices, these devices simply force a “Canned” non-vehicle specific tune file onto your cars ECM, this is dangerous for both the ECM and vehicle and can result in a dead controller not to mention the tune you are getting is not engineered specifically for your car.

Why is our V-Tuning network the best option out there:

  • Simplicity, we mail you our V-Tuner device, you plug one end into your cars OBD2 port and it connects to your homes broadband internet…push power and our device creates a digital bridge that allows our master tuners to “Live” tune your car as if they were standing next to it!
  • We begin with your factory ECM file and Operating System, this allows us to back this up in case it is needed later and it also is safer as we are writing a file that is specific to your car.
  • Live Data-Logging after each tune upload identifies opportunities and allows for the tune to be further refined to dial in proper AFR’s, Boost, eliminate Knock, dial in MAF tables, Etc.
  • NO CANNED TUNES HERE: All our tunes are specifically written for your vehicle taking into consideration your “Bolt-on” modifications as to maximize the tunes efficiency and HP/TQ.
  • We do all the work… Plug in, connect, and sit back letting us do all the work… it can’t be simpler!
  • Once finished you will return the V-tuner device… No hassle, no deposits, It easy!