2016 Camaro 2.0T Flex Fuel E85 Tune

A TRUE Flex Fuel Tune for your 2.0T Camaro!
Benefits include:

  • Ability to run ANY blend of 91+ octane gasoline and Ethanol based fuel.
  • The higher the ethanol content, the more performance you will gain with this tune.
  • E85 is rated at approximately 104 Octane, plus you get the added benefit of evaporative cooling from the ethanol (alcohol).
  • Substantially increase Torque and Horsepower
  • Cooler Cylinder Temperatures with ethanol fuels compared to gasoline (safer operation at higher boost levels)
  • Safely run ethanol fuel all year long, no more re-tuning for Summer and Winter blends.
  • Go on road trips without fear of having to find E85 stations along the way

Note: Our Flex Fuel Conversion Kit is required to run this tune. The LTG engine does not come from the factory with an ethanol content sensor, and our Flex Fuel Conversion Kit (available separately) is a perfect and easy to install solution.


2016 Camaro 2.0T Flex Fuel E85 Tune

The RPM-Motorsports 2.0T Flex Fuel Tune is designed to be a pump-and-go solution for those who wish to run ethanol based fuels in the 2016 Ecotec Camaro. In addition to E85 being cheaper than premium 91 and 93 octane fuels, it also happens to be around 104 octane. This added knock prevention allows for more timing advance in the tune over the regular 91 octane tune.

This tune combines the added performance of our already popular Stage 1 Performance Tune, and takes it to the next level. With additional timing advance in the Flex  Fuel Tune (when using ethanol based fuels) your overall power output will be substantially higher than the 300hp estimated from the Stage 1 Tune alone. Actual performance output will vary depending on ethanol content of your tank. The more ethanol present, the more timing advance is commanded!