Solstice / SKY 2.0T Catless Downpipe

  • 100% Drop in design, no modification needed
  • Quickest spool time with factory & aftermarket turbochargers
  • Ceramic coated for added thermal protection (lower engine bay temperatures)
  • Add 18-25Whp & up to 30lbs of Wtq
    • (with recommended ECM re-calibration)
  • Can be installed in 1.5hr with basic tools (no need for a lift)
  • Mandrel Bent full 3 inch high quality steel, designed with the least number of welds and bends which allows for less turbulent exhaust flow and maximum lifespan.
  • Precision C&C flanges for perfect fitment and no leaks.
  • Designed to fit both Automatic and Manual Transmission.
  • Optional Ecotec specific 02 sensor extension designed for the GM Controller to ensure no CEL (Check Engine Light)

Note: ECM tune is recommended for maximum gains an efficiency.
Not DOT Approved / Designed for off road use only


Solstice GXP and Saturn Sky Redline Catless Downpipe