RPM-K04 General Motors Upgraded Turbocharger

Our RPM-K04 turbocharger is the perfect solution for those who want more airflow with out having to swap half the turbo system on their car. Our big wheel RPM-K04 is designed to easily replace your OEM K04, as a complete drop-in unit.

Capable of achieving an additional 30-50 peak Wheel Horsepower without the need to raise boost pressure. This upgraded turbocharger makes even more gains above 5,000rpm, which is typically where the stock K04 runs out of ability to keep up.and HP/TQ drop…

The RPM-K04 Difference:
This is not just a “Big Wheel” Swap utilizing the stock compressor profile… We designed this Turbocharger from the ground up to achieve a maximum of 38lbs per min of Airflow (Stock K04 typically will see a maximum of 32lbs per min).. The billet compressor wheel was designed for our application and are cut specifically for our application and solely for RPM-Motorsports. Our 30year master turbo builder re-profiles the factory K04 Compressor housing to accept the larger proprietary RPM Billet wheel… and this make all the difference and why our upgraded RPM-K04 is 400hp Capable on a 2.0L DI motor.

Compatible with the following Cars:
Chevy Cobalt SS (2008 – 2010)
Chevy HHR SS (2008-2010)
Pontiac Solstice GXP (2007 – 2010)
Saturn Sky Redline (2007 – 2009)

*Also compatible with our 2.4L Solstice and Sky Turbo Kits, FYI


RPM-K04 Upgraded Turbocharger

What have we done:

  • Upgraded billet wheel replaces the factory cast wheel, new billet wheel is larger and taller that the factory cast wheel.
  • OEM New Center Cartridge to ensure flawless performance & operation.
  • Precision milled compressor housing to allow for the larger billet wheel.
  • Ported Intake track to allow for greater airflow, a perfect compliment to any Cold Air Intake.
  • Precision balanced shaft and wheel ensures a quick spool and longevity from your turbocharger.
  • The RPM-K04 Upgraded Turbocharger has been tested to flow a minimum of 35lb/min of airflow on GM’s LNF & LDK 2.0L motors. The factory K04 will typically only produce a consistent 32lbs of airflow at lower RPM and drops considerably above 5500 RPM. The RPM-K04 offer’s the ability to produce a maximum of 38lbs of airflow from full spool all the way to redline (RPM Stage 2 ECM tune required). Each additional lb/min of airflow equates to roughly 8-10whp at the same exact psi as your standard K04. This turbocharger is just more efficient at moving air and making power.
  1. UPDATE (New Lower Price). we no longer require a CORE in return all Turbo’s are shipped without a CORE needed in return.

Note: Final Airflow, boost and gains are vehicle specific, and some vehicles which have underlying conditions may not reach the advertised numbers.