Kappa Stage 4 LNF 2.0 Turbo Kit

Our Stage 4 kit is the result of years of building race engines and putting them into competition purpose built track cars. We set out to build a turbo system that was NOT a hybrid turbo… But a properly built and sized system engineered to meet the goals of the end user.

RPM Is committed to continuing the development of our track / competition inspired kits. Our 1st Generation Stage 4 kits were built in partnership Garrett and used their proprietary cast Ecotec manifolds. These manifolds worked well, but like any enthusiast we knew we could build a better manifold in house. So we are pleased to offer our second generation Stage 4 kits with the following improvements from the block 1 design:

·        RPM Stainless Tubular T2 Turbo Manifold

·        Cold Side Charge Pipe with MAF relocation

·        50mm Blow Off valve on Hot Side Charge Pipe

Our Gen2 kit is more user friendly, how you ask… To start by building the manifolds in house we are able to better clock the turbocharger for better fitment. By relocating the MAF to the Charge pipe just before the throttle body we are able to more accurately meter the air going into the engine and we no longer have the issues of running the external BOV that plagued our 1st generation clients.

Overall the GEN2 kits are more designed to give all the power of a track prepped car with the usability and reliability for the street car or everyday driver!

Base KIt Includes:

  • Garrett 2871r Ball Bearing Turbo
  • RPM Stainless Steel T2 Exhaust Manifold
  • Charge Pipes with MAF Relocation kit
  • 50mm Blow Off Valve
  • Down-Pipe (Connects to Stock and most aftermarket Exhaust Kits)


Available on backorder

To go Hybrid or properly built…What is a Hybrid Turbo… Its when a Manufacture / Builder takes a Turbine Housing designed for say the K04 Platform and mates it to a larger turbo “Super Core” resulting in a package that has the potential of producing much greater airflow and boost while having the ease and convenience of bolting up to the factory K04 Exhaust Manifold and Down Pipe.. The greatest downfall here are the “Larger” Super Cores like the EFR 6752/8 or GT2871 turbos all have specific turbine housing requirements that are engineered by their manufactures to ensure the turbo will do exactly what it is rated to do and do it without issues, like turbo lag, compressor surging, excessive back-pressure, etc.. These are all things that will cause the Hybrid turbo to fall short of what the manufacture Spec’ed for that turbo to do.

The RPM Difference… We partnered with Garrett Turbochargers as they already had a long history with GM’s Ecotec line of engines. They supplied the Turbo Systems for some of the Worlds strongest and quickest Ecotec powered track cars. When we were looking to build a Turbo system for the LNF 2.0L Platform Garrett stepped up and supplied us with multiple set-ups to take to the track and “Beat the Snot” out of them… The results of that extensive R&D track testing is what we have filtered down to you, our consumer.

Its your car… lets ensure the turbo it right for you! Our Garrett Stage 4 Turbo Systems are highly Customizable so that you can build a system that is right for your application and will do exactly what you want. For example we offer 2 different Turbine A/R’s
The Lower .64 is going to yield lower turbo lag (If Any) and have the airflow and boost come on much sooner, as a result this A/R get you a low to mid powerband perfect for daily Driving and short track events like Autocross where top speed is not the goal.
The Second A/R we offer is the .86, this will offer a bit more lag (Not much) but will shift the power band to Midrange all the way to High RPM’s.. this is perfect for those who track their cars at longer road course’s with more strait-a way’s where top speed is appreciated.
We also offer a Billet Wheel Upgrade… this will help drive airflow down low regardless of which A/R housing you decide to go with. It also helps fight any inherent turbo lag…
The Sweet Spot..
​Many of our Track cars are set up using the .86 Turbine housing which gives them incredible power all the way to redline but we combine this with the Billet Compressor wheel and this helps with the low end so you get a perfect compromise and a system that will do well in just about any scenario you put the car in!
Please allow 5-10business days for this kit to be built and shipped.