Kappa LNF 2.0 Turbo Stage 3 Performance Pack

Our Stage 3 Performance Package is engineered for those who want to safely maximize the potential for their factory 2 liter LNF Turbocharged Engine.

This package is truly designed for those who are starting with a Stock car with no bolt-ons because this package will come with all the needed parts as well as give you the options to add a few extras all at a discounted package price.

The star of this package is the RPM-K04 Upgraded turbocharger, we partnered with one of the worlds largest turbo builders and asked them to help us engineer a 100% drop in turbo solution. A turbocharger that will not only yield more peak Horsepower and Torque but help with the factory short-fall above 3500 RPM’s which is where the factory compressor wheel begins to move outside of its efficiency range.

We went through 3 different designs for the compressor wheel, we found that you can in fact put too large of a wheel on this type of application and it will cost you not only responsiveness but overall power. We settled on the middle design and never looked back! Our Proprietary Billet Compressor Wheel is only available in the RPM-K04, this is not an “off the shelf” Wheel replacement the compressor wheels are milled just for RPM-Motorsports.


Pontiac Solstice GXP Stage 3 Performance Pack

The RPM-Motorsports Stage 3 Package has quickly become the go-to choice for the owner who wants a combination of tried and proven technologies paired with unbeatable “Made in the USA” qualities and unparalleled customer service!
When we set out to take our Stage 2 kit to the next level we wanted to keep the same goals in mind… A kit that is easy to install in the home garage using basic tools… A streamlined process from order to tuning… and of course 400hp capable!
RPM-Motorsports takes the guesswork out of getting the most out of your LNF motor, with safety and reliability in mind.
Our Stage 3 Package includes our Upgraded Mandrel Bent Charge Pipes, a Catless Down Pipe (A hi-Flow Catted Option is available), our Upgraded RPM-K04 Turbocharger which has the capability to flow up to 38lbs per min of Airflow on the LNF platform, and of course our Industry leading in home live remote tuning solution.This kit is designed to be installed in about 7hours, every component is engineered to be a perfect replacement for the stock components…No need to modify anything with this kit!Designed to work equally well with a manual or automatic transmission!

Already have our RPM Stage 2 Package for the LNF and want to upgrade… no problem! By purchasing our RPM-K04 Turbocharger we will upgrade your Stage 2 Tune to our Stage 3 tune designed specifically for this application at no additional cost!

Please allow 5-8business days for this item to ship.
NOTE: All cars Tune different from car to car, HP & TQ Estimates are examples of what have been seen on Stage 3 Cars in the past and not every car may produce those numbers. Catless Down-Pipes are designed to be used on “Off-road / Track” Cars only due to US emissions requirements.