Opel HP Direct Injection Fuel Injectors

The Opel HP Fuel Injectors are a bolt-on replacement for the stock fuel injectors on the 2.0L LNF Ecotec. These also work on the LDK block. These injectors flow more fuel than the stock LNF injectors, to allow for the support of more horsepower. These come pre-installed on a brand new fuel rail specific to this application to make them easier to install. These injectors WILL NOT fit in the stock LNF fuel rail, so please DO NOT remove them from the pre-assembled rail at any time.

Injector Specifications (@10mpa base fuel rail pressure):

Stock LNF Injector Flow Rate: 120 lb/hr

Opel HP Injector Flow Rate:  135 lb/hr

Approximately 12% additional fuel flow capability. These injectors are highly recommended when pursuing more than 350whp on the LNF or LDK engine. Also work best when paired with the Upgraded Fuel Lobe Cam or Stage 2 Camshafts.

1 – Safe for use in ethanol based fuel. Already includes “e85 safe” injector seals.

2 – Specific ECU Tuning is absolutely required to use these injectors

2021 UPDATE: Worldwide inventory on this item has reached a point of “low Stock” and will soon be depleted. Once this item has reached its OOS status it will no longer be available.


Opel HP Direct Injection Fuel Injectors

The stock fuel injectors on the LNF tend to get maxed out somewhere around the 350whp mark on most cars. While that does not hold entirely true in all cases, it is still a pretty good rule to go by when planning out your LNF engine build. It can take significant parts upgrades and adequate tuning to even achieve those levels in the first place. Our Stage 3 Performance Pack is engineered to take the LNF right up to the limits of the stock fuel system, but if you wish to go farther than that, or want to run ethanol based fuels on top of your Stage 3 kit, we recommend these Opel HP Injectors.

In addition to these injectors, we recommend these to be paired with either that LNF Fuel Lobe Cam, or the Stage 2 Camshafts. While these injectors can be used without them with some success, they pair well together to provide the additional fuel flow from the High Pressure Fuel Pump that these Injectors can easily make use of.