RPM Ecotec Catch Can System

Kit Includes:

  • 2 Port Catch Can (3rd Port Optional)
  • Nylon Braided 3/8″ Hose
  • 6061 -6 Aluminum AN Fittings
  • 2.0 Turbo Ecotec Mounting Bracket (Front Engine Mount)
  • Stainless Steel Separation Material


  • 2.0L LNF/LDK Turbo
  • 2.4L LE5 N/A
  • Basic Kit comes with 1 in port 1 out Port
  • Upgrade for a 2nd in Port that allows you to further vent your motor on higher horsepower builds (Includes additional Line and fittings with a Water Pump Inspection plate fitted with a -6 AN Fitting


​The RPM Ecotec Catch-can is a direct result of years of track proven technologies. Our system has been specifically designed using an internal baffle / media system for maximum oil capture. Other less expensive Oil separation systems on the market simply draw airflow into a void and back out again with no media to capture the suspended oil particulates. Our system is engineered to draw incoming oil saturated vapor to the bottom of the capture cylinder and the airflow is drawn back up through the stainless steel media to the negative vacuum port.
GM did a decent job of engineering the internal baffle system found on the inside of the valve cover to separate as much oil as possible before being drawn into the turbocharger (2.0 LNF/ LDK). The fact is that these baffles become saturated with oil very quickly and its purpose is negated. Adding an external oil separation system will capture the oil particulates and keeping them from being drawn through the turbocharger and coating the inside of your charge air system and MAP Sensors.
Our Compact design will fit almost anywhere and with the included drain valve emptying your collection reservoir is simple and takes just a few minutes. We have engineered the system to have the shortest lines possible so that the oil is captured in the can and not collected in the lines themselves.

​This item is available for both the 2.0L Turbo as well as the 2.4L NA