Pontiac Solstice HID Conversion Kit

Have you ever driven a vehicle equipped with High Intensity Discharge lighting? The difference between standard incandescent lighting and HID technology is like “Night and Day” … The Solstice is built on GM’s new CAN-BUS technology which means that normal HID kits could cause severe electrical damage to your cars electrical control system. Our HID kit is engineered specifically for the GM Kappa Platform and is guaranteed to be safe for your CAN-BUS System! We have tested numerous systems on the market and felt we needed to develop our own kit, why is our kit superior to other so called “Plug & Play” kits:

  • Our kit is isolated from the cars CAN-BUS System making it the only truly safe kit on the market.
  • With the unique geometry of the reverse swing open hood of the Solstice all “generic” kits have inadequate wiring. Our kit is specifically built for the Solstice therefor the kit fits perfectly and looks best as you are able to “hide” the wiring more effectively .
  • Because our kit is engineered specifically for the Solstice installation is a breeze and can be completed in about 1.5 Hrs.
  • Our kit retains the factory Hi/lo feature which is lost in most other kits.
  • Our kit runs on true A/C ballast Technology found in all European kits, not the less expensive DC claiming to be A/C ballasts.

UPDATE: We are now shipping newer LED Technology in place of the older HID Systems… Plug and Play design  and only takes 15min to install! 

Add a Fog Light kit and save!