Ultimate Foot Well Lighting Kit

Many newer vehicles have factory footwell or entry lighting..  Our kit is designed to tie into the cars BCM and illuminate the footwell area when the door is open and dim to off when the door is closed. Out kit includes a wireless remote control that allows you to set the illumination color and change the color when your mood changes!

Our Kit Includes:

  • 2 ea. Cree LED lighting modules
  • Plug & Play cables and wiring
  • Receiver and BCM interface module
  • RF wireless controller
  • Install instructions

Install takes 1 hour and is considered “Easy”.


Ultimate Foot Well Lighting Kit


The RPM-Motorsports Ultimate Foot Well Lighting Kit works with the Saturn Sky and the Pontiac Solstice to provide ambient lighting where it is most needed. In addition to being a functional light kit that helps you see better inside the car, the look of the Ultimate Foot Well Lighting adds lots of style that can be appreciated by nearly any car enthusiast.

This is a simple modification that many people can install themselves in the comfort of their own garage or driveway. No special tools needed, and easy to follow instructions that walk you through all the installation steps.

​The LED lighting provided supplies ample amounts of ambient lighting, and with minimal drain to your battery. This allows you to leave the lights on for extended periods of time at car shows and in parking lots without serious risk of running down your car’s battery.