KIA Stinger GT High Performance Intercooler Kit

The RPM-Motorsports Performance Intercooler Kit for the 2018+ KIA Stinger GT 3.3L Twin Turbo is about 40% larger than the stock intercooler by volume. It features full aluminum end tanks that are superior to the factory plastic end tanks, and a high flowing bar and plate design for maximum cooling and airflow.

This upgraded intercooler works with factory charge pipes, and is also compatible with all other KIA Stinger GT upgrades in our store.

This High Performance Intercooler is intended to help dissipate heat on cars with higher boost, and also during prolonged periods of heavy throttle driving. Keep your Manifold Air Temperatures cooler on longer runs to help eliminate knock, and drop air temps to increase the air volume in the cylinders at higher boost levels.

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RPM-Motorsports has designed our very own in-house High Performance Intercooler Kit for the 2018 and newer KIA Stinger GT equipped with the 3.3 Twin Turbo V6. This all-aluminim design is built in the USA, and offers 40% more volume than the factory intercooler, as well as stronger end tanks to handle increased boost pressures.

By significantly increasing the volume of the intercooler we are able to increase it’s flow rate, and its efficiency at high boost. The end result is more consistently low air temperatures at the Intake Manifold that translates into less lost power and less engine knock.

Our intercooler is also capable of cooling down faster from heat soak than the factory unit, which gives you a quicker recovery time between pulls to maintain peak power output and .track times.

Upgraded RPM Intercooler:
Bar & Plate Design

Core dimensions: 26.5″ X 8″ X 3.5″

Total Core Surface: 742ci

Full 40% larger than the OEM Intercooler

600whp rated

The RPM intercooler is hand built using US Sourced Metals & Materials and of course assembled in our facility in Arizona! We ship this item to US and Canadian mailing addresses.