2018+ KIA Stinger GT Turbo Intake Collector with 50mm Blow-Off Valve

The 2018+ KIA Stinger GT Turbo Intake Collector is custom made by RPM-Motorsports in Mesa, Arizona. This performance upgrade replaces the factory plastic collector and boost bypass valves with a mandrel bent all-aluminum piece that is custom painted and features a 50mm Blow-Off Valve (Included).

The RPM-Motorsports Turbo Intake Collector can flow higher volumes of air compared to the stock unit, and it also gives you the opportunity to add some custom bits of color under the hood of your KIA Stinger GT.

This piece can be added to a completely stock KIA Stinger, or one that is highly modified (like our shop car). Capable of supporting 600+WHP if that is your goal.

Blow-Off Valve: 50mm V-Band Single Piston (with adjustable springs)

Includes all hoses, clamps, and hardware.



Upon opening the hood of beautiful KIA Stinger GT for the first time, one of the pieces that stood out as an eyesore was the funky looking black plastic chunk that sat at the front of the engine. We knew that this had to be one of the first things that we had to redesign so that we could have a cleaner look under the hood, and also give us an opportunity to support some high performance down the road.

We custom manufacture this Turbo Intake Collector (that’s what we’re calling it) at our facility in Mesa, Arizona out of high quality aluminum, and finish each one off with a custom paint job. We offer a variety of colors for you to choose from to either match the color of your car, or to add some color accents under the hood too.