2018+ Kia Stinger GT EXHAUST Secondary CAT Delete Kit

The RPM-Motorsports Kia Stinger GT Exhaust Secondary CAT Delete Kit is designed to be a 100% drop in bolt on part that will work with both aftermarket sectional kits as well as the factory exhaust sections.

Built from 2.5″ ID T304 Stainless Steel and TIG welded, this kit is designed to delete the second set of Catalytic Converters that reduce the amount of CFM’s the exhaust system can flow. Under high RPM & Boost situations its important to have an un-restricted flow which this kit is designed to accomplish!

Deleting the secondary catalytic converters does not trigger any ECU codes, and adds more power to your 3.3L Twin-turbo Stinger GT.



100% Bolt in replacement section designed to delete the ultra restrictive second set of catalytic converters just before the center resonator section of the exhaust. Built from 2.5″ ID T304 Stainless Steel, the RPM Secondary CAT Delete kit  features laser cut Stainless Steel flanges to ensure a perfect fit every time. You can use this section in conjunction with the factory exhaust components to custom “TUNE” your exhaust note.

Note: This item is designed for off road and / or race use only. Any other use is the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner.