2014+ Jeep Cherokee 3.2L Intake Torque Tube

Designed and produced at our In-House fabrication shop, right here in the USA!

  • 100% Drop in design (no modifications to the car needed)
  • Install can be done in less than 1 hour with basic tools.
  • Mandrel bent mild steel for smooth curves and superior airflow.
  • Precision drilled IAT Sensor port with rubber grommet included.
  • Increase’s airflow over restrictive factory intake resonator.
  • MOPAR color code paint matching available. (Allow a few more days for paint work before shipping)
  • Works with factory Air Box, K&N Cold Air Intake, eBay intake, and others!
  • Typical wheel gains of 6-8 torque and 2-4 horsepower by itself!
  • Includes Throttle body coupler and 2 clamps for complete install.


Please specify at checkout if you have a TrailHawk as these have a larger TB Outlet.


2014+ Jeep Cherokee 3.2L Intake Torque Tube

Introducing our 2014+ Jeep Cherokee 3.2L Intake Torque Tube – the ultimate performance upgrade designed and meticulously crafted in our In-House fabrication shop right here in the USA!

Key Features:

  1. 100% Drop-In Design: No need for complicated modifications; our Torque Tube seamlessly integrates with your Jeep Cherokee, enhancing performance effortlessly.
  2. Quick and Easy Installation: With just basic tools, you can transform your vehicle in less than 1 hour, unlocking its true potential without hassle.
  3. Mandrel Bent Mild Steel Construction: Crafted with precision using mandrel bent mild steel, our Torque Tube ensures smooth curves and superior airflow, optimizing your engine’s performance.
  4. Precision Drilled IAT Sensor Port: Featuring a precision-drilled IAT sensor port with a rubber grommet included, our Torque Tube guarantees accurate readings and optimal engine efficiency.
  5. Airflow Enhancement: Say goodbye to the restrictions of the factory intake resonator. Our Torque Tube significantly increases airflow, providing your Jeep Cherokee with the breath of fresh air it deserves.
  6. MOPAR Color Code Paint Matching: Personalize your Torque Tube with MOPAR color code paint matching, adding a touch of style to your performance upgrade. (Allow a few more days for paint work before shipping)
  7. Compatibility with Various Intake Systems: Whether you have the factory Air Box, K&N Cold Air Intake, eBay intake, or others – our Torque Tube is designed to work seamlessly, giving you flexibility without compromise.
  8. Impressive Performance Gains: Experience a noticeable boost in power with typical wheel gains of 6-8 torque and 2-4 horsepower by simply installing our Torque Tube. Elevate your driving experience to new heights.
  9. Complete Install Kit: The package includes a throttle body coupler and 2 clamps, ensuring a hassle-free and comprehensive installation process.

Note: For TrailHawk owners, please specify at checkout, as these models come with a larger TB Outlet.

Upgrade your Jeep Cherokee’s performance with confidence, knowing that our Intake Torque Tube is engineered to deliver unparalleled results. Unleash the full potential of your vehicle and conquer the roads like never before!