New GEN3 LNF Long Block

New “Zero” Mile Gen 3 LNF Long Block, comes complete ready to add your Fuel Rail & Injectors, HPFP, Starter, Manifolds, and Turbo…

The GEN3 Blocks were originally built for GM’s European market featuring new and improved Sand Castings which removes porosity found in the older foam cast Gen 1 and Gen 2 blocks. Added Cylinder wall bracing which prevents sleeves from breaking out as well as 5 pounds of additional aluminum adding internal structural support and solves the coolant jacket leakage issues with Gen 2 blocks.

RPM has used these blocks as our starting point combined with Forged Rods, Pistons, Better Head Bolts to produce our competition race engines producing over 500hp.

Note: These engines are the last of the US Inventory.. GM has discontinued these and once they are sold out there are no plans to build more.

Note: Engine needs to be drained of the gear oil the engines ship with and filled with traditional non-Synthetic motor oil on its first fire. RPM-Motorsports recommends the following break in procedure to ensure the proper lifespan of the engine:

·       1st 500miles on Traditional Motor Oil

·       Drain and inspect oil.

·       Next 1000mile on Traditional Motor Oil.

·       Drain and Inspect

·       After 1500 miles drain second oil change and you can now swap over to full synthetic and run as normal.

Note: Freight is not charged at checkout and is billed separately based on your location and exact freight cost’s . Freight is usually around $280 – $400 per engine, please feel free to call and get an exact quote before you place your order.

RPM will offer a 12k mile limited warranty on this engine if installed by RPM Motorsports in our facility by our technicians.


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