Remanufactured GEN2 2.0L LNF

GEN2 (2007-2010) Remanufactured Long Block

·       Block Inspected and cylinder walls are honed

·       Head is completely disassembled, cleaned, Head is Decked to 1/1000 of an inch

·       Stock Valves, Springs, new retainers

·       Stock Pistons are acid cleaned and set with new rings

·       Stock Rods are acid cleaned, Rod Bearings are replaced with OE GM Parts

·       Crank is cleaned and balanced before install

·       New Front and Rear Main Seal

·       Oil Pan is acid cleaned and pick-up is inspected before re-install

·       New AcDelco Water pump

·       New OE GM Timing Chain set with new Guides and Tensioners

·       Valve Cover is Acid Cleaned with new gasket

·       New AcDelco 41-108 Propper Gapped Spark Plugs

·       Timing Chain Cover is Acid Cleaned, Oil Pump is Inspected and Reinstalled

·       OE Head Bolts properly torqued in sequence

·       OE Main Bolts properly torqued in sequence

All of the RPM Remanufactured engines are built in house using take out motors that we have acquired. Each engine is disassembled and re-built by the same RPM Engine builder from start to finish to ensure the engine is flawless and nothing is missed.

Each Engine will come with a certificate of build that outlines the origin of the engine, the builder, and an RPM Serial number for traceability.

Our Remanufactured engines are a great alternative to pricey “New” Engines that re quickly becoming hard to acquire. You can rest assured that if it was built by RPM it was done correctly and with the proper components.

Engines are built with assembly Lubricants and Shipped with gear oil… Note: Engine needs to be drained and filled with traditional non-Synthetic motor oil on its first fire. RPM-Motorsports recommends the following break in procedure to ensure the proper lifespan of the engine:

·       1st 500miles on Traditional Motor Oil

·       Drain and inspect oil.

·       Next 1000mile on Traditional Motor Oil.

·       Drain and Inspect

·       After 1500 miles drain second oil change and you can now swap over to full synthetic and run as normal.

GEN2 LNF’s were shipped in the 2007 – 2009 Pontiac Solstice GXP & Saturn SKY Redlines as well as the 2008-2010 Chevy Cobalt SS & HHR-SSTC.

Note: Freight is not charged at checkout and is billed separately based on your location and exact freight cost’s . Freight is usually around $280 – $400 per engine, please feel free to call and get an exact quote before you place your order.

sold as-is or without warranty

GM Part # 19329341


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