2007-2010 Cobalt 2.2L Stage 1 Performance Tune

Benefits of Cobalt 2.2L Stage 1 Performance Tune

  1. Cooling Fans set to 205F
  2. Fan speed increase for more rapid cooling.
  3. Speed Limiter Removed
  4. Mass Air Flow sensor calibrated for most cold air intakes on the market.
  5. Power Enrichment delay removed to allow for more immediate Full-Throttle response
  6. Air Fuel Ratio adjusted for better performance.
  7. Timing Calibrated for Premium Grade Fuel. (91+ octane).
  8. Low end torque and fuel economy improved by adjusted timing
  9. Spike at ~4,000rpms less severe due to a more linear power curve
  10. Top end timing advanced for better peak horsepower
  11. RPM Limiter increased in manuals to allow for more aggressive full throttle shifts
  12. Torque Management (granny controls) removed to prevent computers from reducing torque output below 3,000 RPMs
  13. Typical gains: 8-10HP and 12-18lbs of TQ at the wheels.
  14. *NEW* Automatic Transmission equipped cars now have Full Throttle Shift points raised to 6,750 RPM.
  15. *NEW* Automatic Transmission shift time reduced by 0.25 seconds per gear change.



Tuning is only available for the 2007+ 2.2L Cobalts. The ECU Controller on the 2005 – 2006 2.2L is unfortunately not compatible with tuning software at this time.

If you own a 2.2L Cobalt LS or LT, you know that the struggle to find good performance options for your car is difficult at best. Tuning options seem even more limited, since most performance shops focus solely on the higher output 2.0L LSJ and LNF engine. Here at RPM-Motorsports we also take the 2.2L L61 and LAP seriously, and offer our Stage 1 Performance Tune to give your car the potential it deserves.

Our performance tunes not only add a significant amount of power ALL across the power band, but we also remove the torque management tables that would otherwise prevent the engine from putting all of that new-found power to the ground.

In addition to the power gains, Cobalts equipped with the 4-speed automatic transmission also benefit from a complete retune of the transmission control module. With the RPM-Motorsports Stage 1 Tune you will experience higher RPM shift points, Increased shift pressure, and faster shift times. By reducing the shift times by approximately 0.25 seconds per gear change, your car would be faster down the quarter mile and faster in 0-60mph tests as well.