2008 – 2010 HHR SS E47 ECU Tune (LNF 2.0L Turbo)

  1. Tuned Exclusively for E47 Fuel (50% Premium Gas / 50% E85 mixed)
  2. Speed Limiter Removed
  3. Electronic Torque Restrictions Removed
  4. Timing Calibrated to maximize the benefit of Ethanol blended fuel
  5. Max Boost level raised from 16psi to 24psi
  6. Retains factory “Competition Mode”
  7. Optimized Air/Fuel Ratio for increased boost levels and ethanol fuel
  8. Virtually no turbo lag (almost instantaneous Boost!)
  9. No substantial noise increase over stock tuning
  10. Removes the factory “Learndown” feature found on the LNF ECU
  11. ​Works with stock 2.5 BAR MAP sensors (no need to purchase the GMPP 3.0 BAR MAP sensors)

***MANUAL TRANSMISSION EQUIPPED CARS ONLY*** Torque output is too high for the 4-speed automatic to handle reliably.


2008 to 2010 HHR SS E47 Performance Tune

DynoJet Certified Numbers
Stock HHR SS Wheel Power Output: 240whp/245wtq
E47 HHR SS Wheel Power Output:    335whp/415wtq

Peak Gains: 95whp/170wtq!

Flywheel Rated Numbers
Stock 2008 HHR SS:           260hp/260tq
E47 Tuned 2008 HHR SS:  360hp/445tq
*Using only a very conservative estimate of 7% drivetrain loss to the wheels

Unlike many competitors out there, we do not advertise our gains as “under the curve” gains. We measure our delivered power output in terms of PEAK performance numbers. Gains “under the curve” for our tunes can be substantially higher than the 95whp advertised above, depending on RPM compared.