Chevy HHR 2.4L LE5 Stage 2 Kit

We have developed and improved upon these Stage kits over the past 10 years after working along side some of the SCCA Race Teams who uses the 2.4L LE5 platform in a competitive environment.

The Base Stage 2 Kit Includes ($399):

  • GM 36# Fuel Injectors (Direct Fit, No Harness Modification)
  • RPM-Motorsports Performance Tune


Chevy HHR 2.4L LE5 Stage 2 Kit

Unlock the true potential of your Chevy HHR with the RPM-Motorsports Stage 2 Performance Kit, a culmination of a decade’s worth of development and refinement in collaboration with SCCA Race Teams specializing in the 2.4L LE5 platform.

The Chevy HHR Stage 2 Kit offers a comprehensive enhancement package that includes:

  1. GM 36# Fuel Injectors (Direct Fit, No Harness Modification):
    • Upgrade your HHR’s fuel delivery system with precision-engineered GM 36# fuel injectors. These injectors seamlessly integrate into your vehicle’s existing harness without any modifications required.
    • Experience optimized fuel atomization for a more efficient combustion process. The result is improved throttle response, increased horsepower, and torque gains that transform your HHR’s performance.
    • Bid farewell to fuel delivery limitations as these injectors pave the way for unleashing the full potential of your HHR’s engine, delivering a noticeable boost in overall performance.
  2. RPM-Motorsports Performance Tune:
    • At the core of the Stage 2 Kit is the RPM-Motorsports Performance Tune – a finely tuned engine calibration designed to extract maximum power from your 2.4L LE5 platform.
    • Our tuning experts have meticulously adjusted parameters such as ignition timing, fuel mapping, and throttle response to optimize performance without compromising reliability.
    • Experience a more responsive and thrilling driving encounter as the RPM-Motorsports Performance Tune maximizes power output, sharpens throttle response, and optimizes fuel efficiency.
    • Whether you’re navigating city streets or cruising on the open road, this custom-tailored tune ensures your HHR operates at peak potential, leaving stock tunes behind.

Validated through collaborative efforts with SCCA Race Teams, the Stage 2 Kit not only meets but exceeds the demands of competitive environments. Trust in a product that has endured rigorous testing, offering both reliability and enhanced performance.

Take your Chevy HHR’s performance to new heights with the RPM-Motorsports Stage 2 Kit – where precision engineering meets the pedigree of racing expertise. Secure your kit now and elevate your driving experience with RPM-Motorsports.