Did you buy your car used? Not the first owner? Ever wonder what has been done to your cars ECM… is it stock? Is it tuned? If it’s tuned, does it have a “good” tune? What about the general health of your car??? Is it fueling properly? Does it knock under acceleration? With some vehicle’s going on their 5th owner you as the current owner want to know exactly what’s been done to your new car and taking your car to a dealership or local speed shop can spiral into the several hundreds of dollars…

We can help! RPM-Motorsports has developed a program called “Virtual Diagnostics”, it’s a tell all story about your car! The process is very simple, we send you one of our V-Tuning Kits and from there we start by looking at the ECM calibration that is currently on the car and determine if it is “Stock” or has it been altered… then onto live road testing and data logging… from there we extract the data that was collected and give you a detailed report about your vehicles general state of health… We provide information on fueling, knock retard, if you have a Turbo or Supercharged vehicle is your car boosting properly, is it making adequate airflow based on your equipment? We can even identify “Boost Leaks”. On certain model vehicle’s we can even use on-board sensors to calculate real world “Wheel” Horsepower… That’s right no need to go to the dyno shop! These are just a few of the parameters that we include in your final health report.

Now that we have the information…What do we do? In the event we identify a “Critical” issue, we will advise you on the best course of action to resolve the issue. It might be as simple as changing spark plugs.. or if it is “Tune” related and you decide to have us re-tune your ECM we offer upgrade pricing on all of our Stage Tunes, we simply credit the cost of the Virtual Diagnostics program towards the cost of the ECM tune..

At the end of the process you will have peace of mind knowing exactly what is going on with your car!

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