Stage 3 RPM-K04 Super Core

The RPM-K04 Super-Core… This option gives you the ability to use your existing Turbine housing and accessories with out having to send us your turbo core in the mail! Our K04 Super-Core is the same Stage 3 Turbo we’ve used to make 400hp on the 2.0L LNF found in your Cobalt SS, HHR-SS, Solstice GXP and SKY Redline! Our Super-Core is built using our Proprietary Billet Compressor Wheel and Upgraded Center Cartridge, the Super-Core will easily bolt into your turbine housing giving you a full Stg3 Turbo capable of up to 40lb per min of airflow!

This is a great option if you have a turbocharger that has failed and want to replace and upgrade at the same time.

Super Core includes our proprietary custom milled compressor cover with Billet Compressor wheel digitally balanced on our upgraded center cartridge which has a thicker center shaft and more robust thrust bearing designed for higher boost and RPM’s for longer periods of time.

You will need to transfer over your turbine housing, wastegate actuator, boost control solenoid, and internal bypass valve from your existing turbo.

You may purchase new components as options on this page.

Note: Please allow 5-business days for this item to ship and different motors will see different results for peak HP/TQ