Solstice & Sky 32-Way Adjustable Coilover Kit

• 12kg front spring rate, 6kg rear spring rate
• Road Noise Isolators on top and bottom of front springs
• Height adjustment front and rear
• 32 clicks of damping adjustment, front and rear
• Monotube construction
• Linear damping curve
• Simultaneous compression and rebound adjustment via damping knobs


Solstice & Sky 32Way Adjustable Coilover Kit

These coilovers are a direct result of our Track to Street Program, we had our manufacture send us 3 sets in different configurations and we rotated them through our two track cars over the course of a full season. What we were left with was factual data showing the best setup. Both our drivers agreed that these were the sweet spot in terms of what it takes to build a “fast” car. Followed up by our industry leading tech support…you can’t lose!