Solstice / SKY 2.4L LE5 Complete Turbo Kit

Designed in partnership with certified General Motors technicians to be the most complete and simplest kit to bolt onto your 2.4L LE5 motor. Many components of our kit are sourced directly from General Motors which allows them to be covered by GM’s limited parts warranty.
Kit includes everything needed to bolt onto your 2.4L Pontiac Solstice or Saturn SKY, our kit includes some components that other companies charge extra for. With supplied color install instructions and industry leading tech support this kit can be installed in the home garage using basic tools in 8-10hours with no lift needed.


Solstice / SKY 2.4L LE5 Complete Turbo Kit

Kit includes:

  • Borg Warner K04 “Twin-Scroll” Turbo Charger
  • GM Ecotec Turbo Manifold
  • Your Choice RPM Intercooler
  • New Coolant Components (allows clearance for turbo)
  • Mandrel bent 3″ Down-pipe
  • 2Bar MAP Sensor
  • RPM Charge Pipes with your choice of Powdercoat
  • RPM Cold Air Intake
  • Fuel Injectors (Large enough to support 375hp)
  • Vacuum Fittings
  • Turbo Cooling Lines
  • Oil feed & Return Lines (Pre-bent for perfect fitment)
  • Digital Boost gauge with mounting pod
  • Turbo Spark Plugs (pre-gapped for this application)
  • RPM ECM Tune
  • Install Guide supported by industry leading live Tech Support!


Turbo Charger- The Heart of your System

  • Standard K04 Turbo will offer you low spool time giving this turbo system the Feeling of Supercharger Like responsive! Good for Applications up to 15psi (note: Supporting components needed for applications over 11psi)
  • Stage 2 Wheel Upgrade: This is the same wheel we use in our Upgraded RPM-K04 Turbo Chargers capable of making 400Hp on the 2.0L LNF’s. This option will drive the Mid-Range to Top end power, forget power fall off…this turbo will pull hard all the way to 6000rpm’s!

Blow Off Valve:

  • Your turbo system by default will come with an Internal Blow off Valve located on the compressor cover of your turbocharger.
  • Upgrade: As an option you may upgrade to an External 50mm Single Piston(Tial Style) Blow off Valve. We will block off the internal BOV that comes standard and add the external BOV to the Cold Side Charge Pipe . Our RPM 50mm BOV is machined and assembled here in Arizona.

Boost Controller: 
Our Base turbo system is designed to make 5psi by default, you may add a boost controller to raise the boost level.
NOTE: Running boost over 11psi requires an RPM Fuel Upgrade kit. 

  • Manual boost controller (Mounts under the hood, you set it to the targeted Max PSI and forget it) 

​Thermostat Housing:

  • Well you have a turbocharger that need to be cooled, RPM will supply you with all the pre-bent lines designed to bolt up to cool your new Turbocharger. If your up to it, you will need to remove your OEM Thermostat housing and in a pre-marked location drill and tap a hole for your new Turbo Coolant feed line.
  • If you are feeling like letting the PRO’s do all the drill and tapping we can send you a Pre-Drilled and Tapped Thermostat housing.

STREET RPM Intercooler:
Bar & Plate Design
Core dimensions: 26.5″ X 6.5″ X 2.85″
350hp rated

Upgraded Street-Comp RPM Intercooler:
Bar & Plate Design
Core dimensions: 26.5″ X 8″ X 2.85″
500hp rated

Upgraded TRU-RACE RPM Intercooler:
Bar & Plate Design
Core dimensions: 26.5″ X 8″ X 3.5″
Total Core Surface: 742ci
600hp Rated

ECM Tuning:

  • Our Standard Tune delivery is via our V-Tuner Network. this is a great option as it is economical and allows you to get the very best ECM tune for your project. Please allow 2-6weeks for delivery of a V-Tuner Loaner device.
  • SKIP THE LINES! Purchase your own HP Tuners MPVI2+ tuning interface and you will get the same detailed level tuning as our V-tuner service only there is no wait for a loaner device. This is also a great option for those who may want long term support and may have more than 1 vehicle they want to have tuned. 


  • The factory radiator is sufficient in most applications up to about 9psi of boost. 
  • ​If you are planning to run higher boost or simply want room for later expand-ability we recommend our duel core drop in radiators. Available for both manual and automatic transmissions these radiators are rated for up to 500hp applications and are a must if you live in a high heat environment or plan to really make some power.  

​Fuel System:

  • The factory fuel system is sufficient to about 11psi of boost, if you plan to run over that please look at the upgraded fuel system.


What makes our V-tuning network different from other tuning solutions :

  • Other solutions require you to mail in your ECM, this causes downtime for you as your car can not be driven during this process.
  • Other solutions use hand-held flash devices, these devices simply force a “Canned” non-vehicle specific tune file onto your cars ECM, this is dangerous for both the ECM and vehicle and can result in a dead controller not to mention the tune you are getting is not engineered specifically for your car.

Why is our V-Tuning network the best option out there?

  • Simplicity, we mail you our V-Tuner device, you plug one end into your cars OBD2 port and it connects to your homes broadband internet…push power and our device creates a digital bridge that allows our master tuners to “Live” tune your car as if they were standing next to it!
  • We begin with your factory ECM file and Operating System, this allows us to back this up in case it is needed later and it also is safer as we are writing a file that is specific to your car.
  • NO CANNED TUNES HERE: All our tunes are specifically written for your vehicle taking into consideration your “Bolt-on” modifications as to maximize the tunes efficiency and HP/TQ.
  • We do all the work… Plug in, connect, and sit back letting us do all the work… it can’t be simpler!
  • Once finished you will return the V-tuner device… No hassle, no deposits, It easy!


At RPM-Motorsports we are committed to being your partner, what does this mean… We understand that building / installing a turbo system is often an intimidating project to undertake which is why we offer industry leading tech support that is there when you need it…that’s our commitment to you!
What sets the RPM Turbo System apart from the competition?

  • We include a “modern” Twin Scroll turbo charger which allows for almost instantaneous boost.
  • Our turbocharger is water cooled as a standard to ensure a long trouble free life.
  • Our down-pipes are black ceramic coated standard to help protect the pipe from the elements & corrosion
  • We include a digital ProSport boost gauge with our kit, others charge extra.
  • Our Intercooler is over-rated as standard to ensure you have room to grow your system.
  • Superior ECM tuning solution, using our V-Tuning network we have the ability to truly tune your new turbo system.. not just provide a “Canned” running and driving re-calibration.
  • Industry Leading Tech Support, we are there as your partner in your project!