Kappa LNF 2.0L Turbo Aluminum Intercooler

The Intercooler is one of the best bolt-on’s that you can add to your project when build chasing power. The Factory Intercooler was built in whats called “Tube & Fin”, this is a popular design by automotive manufactures because they are inexpensive to mass produce and they deliver the minimum performance for the manufacture to meet their advertised power. When tuning up the boost and trying to drive airflow this is where the factory Tube & Fin design fails.

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Upgraded LNF Aluminum Intercooler

The Secret to power… When making more HP & TQ the goal is to drive more “airflow” and not boost… Boost is a byproduct of poor airflow. The more you “Compress” Air (Boost) the hotter the charged air temperatures get… this is partly where a larger Intercooler helps… the larger and more efficient the intercooler is the quicker it can  strip that heat from the incoming charged air. In Combination our RPM Intercoolers are built in a process called “Bar and Plate” (See Photo), Bar and Plate allows the air to flow through the intercooler more freely and less constricted, this allows you to drive airflow and reduce the boost. This is a Win-Win… Less Boost and more Airflow = Safer Power.
Options.. Here at RPM all our Intercoolers are built in house, this gives us the ability to offer several sizes for specific goals and budgets.
Stock Factory Intercooler:
Tube & Fin Design
Core dimensions: 26″ X 6.5″ X 2.65″
Rated for stock 260hpUpgraded TRU-RACE RPM Intercooler:
Bar & Plate Design
Core dimensions: 26.5″ X 8″ X 2.75″
Total Core Surface: 742ci
Full 45% larger than the OEM Intercooler525hp Rated

All our RPM Upgraded Intercoolers will bolt into place with “ZERO” modifications needed provided the factory installed Tow Bar has been removed (Black U Shaped Bar attached to the frame on the Drivers Side)