Kappa LNF 2.0 Turbo Stage 2 Kit

RPM-Motorsports is your partner when wanting more from your Kappa Platform 2 Liter Turbo! We take the guess work out of what mods should you use to reach your goals.

Our Base kit starts by replacing the horribly designed factory charge pipes that are crushed as they go over the radiator, replaced by our built in house Mandrel bent charge pipes. These allow full airflow without restriction. Combined with the included industry leading remote ECM tuning, your car will definitely see the difference.

From here now that the front end is breathing well we need to free up the outbound gas’s, we offer a race / off road use only Catless down pipe or a 400 cell count High-Flow down pipe. Both are sure to get the exhaust where it needs to go with out any back-pressure.

Lets Talk Cold air intakes… well they look pretty and certainly clean up the engine bay.. are they going to add power??? The short answer is no… did we \mention they look pretty under the hood!

One item that again was not engineered well is the factory intercooler, it was designed much like a radiator in the “tube and fin” style, they work but when you are trying to make power the goal is to reduce the boost by eliminating back pressure and increasing airflow. More Airflow (this is the air metered as it enters the engine by the MAF sensor) and less boost are how you make safer power!  At RPM we offer 3 types of intercooler to meet your goal and fit your budget:
·       Our Street Intercooler is rated up to 350Hp and is perfect for those who are going to go Stage 2 and the cars will never see the track… This is a great option for those who want just a little bit more and the cars are daily driven.
·       Next up is the Street Competition Intercooler, this is our medium sized option that is rated for up to 500hp. Perfect for Stage 2 or Stage 3 Applications and those cars that are driven both on the street and see lots of spirited driving or track use.
·       Lastly, is our largest intercooler we offer here at RPM.. our TRU-Race Intercooler is designed for those who want to outfit their cars with the best and biggest we have to offer… This IC is designed to work with any of our power level packages but excels for those who are going big! Stage 4+ cars this intercooler is your only option. This Cooler is rated at 600hp and we use it in all our race applications.


Pontiac Solstice GXP and Saturn Sky Redline Stage Kits

Lets talk tuning… RPM-Motorsports pioneered ECM tuning for the Kappa Platform back in 2006. We were the first company to release pre-programed Stage 1 Calibrated ECM’s in partnership with GM. From there we took to the streets…or the air as it was setting up Live tuning sessions all over the country tuning some times 26cars in a 15hour period! But then in 2008 we released our V-Tuner service, this revolutionized the way that ECM tuning was delivered. We wanted to be able to offer that 100% unique tuning service for each of our clients because we learned very quickly that none of these cars were exactly the same and required specific tuning from car to car. We developed our Remote Access V-Tuner kit that we loan out as part of the Tuning Purchase. This allows us to remotely tune your car taking into account everything that makes your car specific and special plus any bolt on mods that you have added. You will not find a more Custom remote tune on Market!

The Dirt… As we normally have around 18 V-Tuner units in circulation traveling around the world, we do inherently have a wait list to receive a Loaner device. Please allow 3-5 Weeks from the date you placed your order for a Loaner kit to become available for your project.

I cant wait! No Problem use the option to purchase your own Tuning Interface, this adds $399 to your total but lets talk how $399 could be the best investment you make.. By purchasing your own interface outright you not only get to skip the Loaner line and can get your project tuned ASAP but you will get long term support…yes Long term support, this means that if you purchase an RPM Motorsports component after your original install give us a call and we’ll calibrate your car for the new mod… or.. in 6months…1 year…4 years down the road and you throw a Check Engine Light… give us a call… by having your own interface we can help! WE can save you thousands of $$$ by helping you diagnose your car by remote vs taking it into the dealership… (Note: the interface must be part of the original package purchase in order for the tuning credits that we include with the package to be allocated to your interface)