AR5 Manual Transmission Cooler Kit

This is must if you plan to competitively track your car with a Manual AR5 Transmission. Our testing shows that after a 20min session here at our tracks in the southwest the transmission fluid is reaching temperatures of over 260 deg. Our Cooler is small in size but ultra efficient, combined with a purpose-built oil pump that flows 3.6gpm it keeps the internal temperatures of the transmission with in a few degrees of ambient.


Designed to fit:

·        2006 – 2010 Pontiac Solstice

·        2007 – 2009 Saturn SKY

·        2007 – 2008 Opel GT

·        May work with other vehicles and other GM Transmissions


Our Kit includes:

·        Low Profile High Efficiency heat exchanger with twin spall fans

·        Oil pump designed to run for long periods and moves 3.6gpm

·        Aluminum AN Fittings

·        High Quality Nylon Covered oil lines

·        Electronics to drive the Heat Exchanger and Oil Pump (Manual on/off)

·        (Optional Thermal Switch to turn system on/off based on transmission fluid temps.