Kappa Refresh Package

Our Kappa Refresh Package is like a Spa Day for your Pontiac Solstice or Saturn SKY. Each package includes the essentials for maintaining reliability and providing you with a long engine life.


·       5W30 Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil Change

·       Transmission Drain & Fill

·       Rear Differential Drain & Fill

·       Brake Bleed and Flush

·       Power Steering Bleed and Flush

·       Coolant Drain, Flush, and Fill

·       New AcDelco properly gapped spark plugs

·       AC Inspection and Service (Includes up to 4oz of R134)

·       Inspection of Brakes and Steering assembly

·       4 wheel tire rotation (when applicable)

·       Complimentary Data-Log to give the car a detailed health check.