2016+ Camaro 2.0T Stage 3 Performance Pack

The RPM-Motorsports Camaro 2.0T Stage 3 performance package is designed to be installed in your home garage with basic tools. Total install time is only a few hours.

The RPM Camaro 2.0T Stage 3 kit includes:

  • RPM’s Upgraded TD04 Turbo Charger (direct drop in replacement)
  • Larger Throttle Body & Intake Elbow (Choose your Color)
  • RPM’s Ceramic Coated Catless Down-Pipe (Catted version is available)
  • Stage 3 ECM Tune (Exclusive to this package) delivered in your home via our Industry Leading V-Tuner Network

*Core Return Required On Turbocharger*

Performance Figures (on 91 Octane):

Stock Power Output: 275 horsepower / 295 torque

RPM Stage 3 Power: 350 horsepower / 385 torque

Peak Gains of 75hp & 90 torque!


2016+ Camaro 2.0T Stage 3 Performance Pack

The 2016 Camaro 2.0T with the LTG Ecotec engine has a lot of unrealized performance potential when it leaves the dealer’s lot. In stock form the car is still very rewarding to drive, but it just never pushes you back in your seat, or forces you to have to hold onto the wheel to keep control. The RPM-Motorsports Stage 3 Performance Pack is designed to supply all of the on-demand power that you could want from your Camaro through a combination of easy to install bolt-on parts, and our exclusive Stage 3 ECU Tune.