2013+ Cadillac ATS 2.0T Stage 3 Performance Pack

The Cadillac ATS 2.0T Stage 3 performance package is designed to be installed in your home garage with basic tools. Total install time is only a few hours.

The RPM ATS Stage 3 kit includes:

*Core Return Required On Turbocharger*
NOTE: 2017+ Model years require 2 additional Universal credits. Purchase here

Performance Figures (on 91 Octane):

Stock Power Output: 275 horsepower / 295 torque
RPM Stage 3 Power: 350 horsepower / 385 torque

Peak Gains of 75hp & 90 torque!


2013+ Cadillac ATS 2.0T Stage 3 Performance Pack

The 2013 and newer Cadillac ATS 2.0T comes equipped with the totally new LTG motor. This is not the same as the outgoing engine in terms of performance or capability. On paper the LTG engine looks like a real winner, but it doesn’t take long behind the wheel to realize that the factory setup just isn’t adequate for much more than putting around town like an old lady.

While we worked with our beta testing cars we noticed that the stock tune had a tendency to close the throttle during WOT, which resulted in sporadic performance and unpredictable passing power. One second you are foot to the floor, throttle wide open, and the next moment the car decides that the throttle body should be partially closed. You might experience the feeling as more of a flat spot in the power curve, but it’s not consistent and it’s definitely not good for performance. What is actually happening here it that the ECU is sensing a slight amount more airflow than what is predicted in the programmed airflow model, and so it reduces the throttle opening and lowers the demanded boost pressure.

With the RPM-Motorsports Stage Tune we have not only cured the tune of these throttle closing issues, but have also been able to successfully command a more powerful and reliable amount of boost across ALL of the RPM range. No more spikes at 17.5-20psi, the boost comes on more rapidly along with improved power enrichment fueling that results in more torque down low. All of that peak torque would only go so far if the airflow didn’t carry onto the higher RPMs so we also raised the allowed airflow limits at higher RPMs to eliminate so much of the stock program’s power reduction, all while maintaining safe Intake Air Temperatures after the stock intercooler.