HPTuners Authorized Dealer

RPM-Motorsports has been offering custom ECU tuning for over a decade using the HPTuners software. We are pleased to announce that we have decided to become an authorized HPTuners dealer so that we can offer their top quality tuning cables and hardware to our customers directly.

What this means for our customers is the ability to purchase their very own HPTuners Standard or Pro Interface cables to scan, log, and tune their very own cars when they please. Additionally, because we have always offered our tunes for sale as stand-alone files, you can now purchase them separately and switch between files as needed.

If you were curious about trying E47 or E85 tunes due to local availability of ethanol fuels(or lack thereof), you could now switch between Pump Gas and Ethanol fuel tunes on your own with the use of your HPTuners cable.

Standard VCM Suites start at $499, and include enough credits to tune up to 4 cars before needing to purchase more credits. These work well for our LNF powered customers, since that engine has a built in wideband from the factory that HPTuners can easily read. We will even send you our Customer scanner configuration to get you started so that you know exactly what you should be looking at in your logs.

Pro VCM Suites start at $649 and include all the same features as the Standard Suite PLUS the addition of a serial input for your external boost or wideband sensors on non-factory equipped cars. This is a must for 2.4L LE5 Turbo Swaps, LSJ Powered Cobalts, and those who want to log external wideband sensors. Another feature that set the Pro Suite apart from the Standard Suite is the stand-alone data logging capability. After a basic setup, the Pro Interface can data log and store hours of driving logs for later download onto your computer.