2011-2012 Dodge Journey 3.6L ECU Tune

Features of the Dodge Journey 3.6L ECU Tune:

  • ​​Speed Limiter Removed
  • Torque Management (Granny Controls) Reduced
  • Timing Advance calibrated for 91+ Octane Fuel
  • Cooling Fans set to keep engine and transmission temps lower
  • Air/Fuel Ratio optimized for better performance
  • Tapshift/Paddle Shift Rev Limiter Raised to 7000 RPM


2011+ Dodge Journey 3.6L ECU Performance Tune

The 2011+ Dodge Journey equipped with the 3.6L Pentastar engine responds to tuning quite nicely. The original factory tune leaves some performance on the table due in part to the potential amount of load that may be induced on the drive train from carrying around 3 rows of people.

Rather than tune the vehicle for performance, they took the conservative route. Additionally the factory tune is economically tuned to accommodate 87 octane recommended fuel. With the use of 91 or 93 octane fuels, the RPM-Motorsports ECU Tune can significantly improve the 3.6L top end performance, as well as improve throttle response and feel across the entire RPM range.