2011+ Town and Country HID Headlight Conversion Kit

RPM’s 2011+ Chrysler Town & Country HID Upgrade Kit Contains:

  • 2 HID 35 Watt Bulbs
  • 2 “AC” HID Euro-spec Ballasts
  • 2 Grommets With Dust and Water Resistance
  • 2 Certified Mopar Control Units
  • 2 Ballast Mounting Brackets

*Everything Included Is Covered By A 2-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty For Your Protection

If you’re not familiar with HID Headlights, we’d like to be the ones to introduce you. HID lights stand for high intensity discharge lighting. These bulbs are considerably brighter and outlast most modern LED headlights on the streets today. Not only is their performance a level above anything else available on the market, they also have a variety of customizations you can take advantage of to make your Town and Country’s HID Light System all your own.



The Electrical System in the 2011 and newer Chrysler Town & Country is far more sophisticated than what is found in the older models. Because of that, the minivan’s CAN BUS system requires that all electrical equipment connected to the vehicle communicate with the onboard control modules. When something as simple as a light bulb burns out, your minivan’s electrical system will warn the driver through the Instrument Cluster’s Message Display.

The same warning messages will pop up if you change out any of your minivan’s light bulbs with non-compliant bulbs, because the CAN BUS system will assume that the bulbs are malfunctioning. The RPM-Motorsports HID Headlight Kits are designed specifically to work with the CAN BUS system to provide error-free operation. Our Mopar Certified Control Units communicate the proper status signals to the minivan’s electronics to ensure that the vehicle is aware that your new HID Headlights are working just fine. (No Check Engine Lights, and No Error Messages)

We guarantee that our HID Headlight System will work with your Chrysler Town & Country, and we have tested it on real customer vehicles to make sure the system works and is compatible. Purchase with confidence that not only will the system work flawlessly, but the parts are backed by a 2-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty.